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Digging deep into the vaults, Bruce pulled out demo tracks and live cuts of songs that he and Richie worked on in the pre-Bon Jovi days. Because of the raucous nature of their live shows, where by the end of the night the band and crowd would whipped up into what resembled an underwater feeding frenzy of gray sharks, these various incarnations of Bruce's live band would affectionately be known to fans as Shark Frenzy. Included are studio tracks performed by The FM Band / The Next (an FM Band era, Richie vocal cover of "Southern Belle" from Bruce's 1st album), The Bruce Foster Band and even an outrageous live version of "Laura's Birthday" recorded live at Charlie's Uncle in New Brunswick, NJ once the home base of legendary Shark Frenzy shows.

From the SHARK FRENZY Volume 1 CD liner notes:

  "It was 1978, I was playing in a club in East Brunswick, New Jersey, tightning up some new songs. An immediately likable 18 year old named Richie Sambora asked if he could jam with us. To my band's amazement, I agreed. We started playing "Kansass City", a song everybody knows. Richie's rhythm playing was O.K., so I said, "Richie, take a solo" -he flipped the toggle switch on his Les Paul Custom and played one beautiful, sustained note that sounded like a violin. Before he played the next note I turned to him and said, "You're in the band."

This album features Richie's first time playing and singing in a recording studio. The master tapes of these priceless recordings were erased by the recording studio. I had the mixes on tape which went under 2 feet of salt water and river silt in the flood.

Now over 20 years later, though months of careful restoration (thanks to new computer formats), these recordings equal and in some cases exceed their original sonic spectrum."

Bruce Foster

From the SHARK FRENZY Volume 2 CD liner notes:

I was 18 when I first heard Steve, Jody, and Bruce Foster putting out a lot of sound for a power trio. Their reputation preceeded them, having collectively played on several hit recordings for other artists.

Onstage they seemed anarchic and maybe a little out of their minds - the music version of a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy...One week later I was in the band and I realized that their anarchy was somehow organized and their insanity somehow controlled.

This was my first band of brothers, first songs I wrote, and first recording sessions. Now they're finally released especially for our friends and fans to hear, including a new live track from a reunion concert in May 2005.

Long Live Shark Frenzy!

Richie Sambora

    featuring Bruce Foster  &
           early Richie Sambora

   Come Saturday Night {lyrics}
   Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young {lyrics}
   Law Of The Jungle {lyrics}
   Nobody {lyrics}
   The One With Angel Eyes {lyrics}
   The Power
   I'll Play The Fool {lyrics}
   Don't Stop Lovin' Me Now
   Into The Night {lyrics}
   Southern Belle {lyrics}
   Platinum Heros {lyrics}

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    Citizen Invisible (Confessions of a Teenage Lycanthrope)

   Confessions Of A Teenage Lycanthrope {lyrics}
   A Good Life
   I Haven't Changed
   Cruising Lines {lyrics}
   Any Woman Like You
   I Need Your Love
   Devil On The Run {lyrics}
   Man With A Dragon {lyrics}
   Crashing Kites
   Til The Walls Come Down
   Fool, Fool, Fool
   Out In The Heat
   Golden Slumbers/The End

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Bruce's latest CD showcases some of his vaguely familiar but truly unique songs as well as collaborations with "power pop" master Tom Marolda. It also includes his original version of the Foster/Marolda/Sambora penned "One Light Burning" that Richie included on his CD, Stranger In This Town.

bruce foster
   eraserland.eyesight for the deaf

  giving you the heart
   ways of the world
   racing with my shadow
   stranded on an island
   positive energy
   one light burning
   jessica please
   mind over matter
   last chance saloon
   save yourself

Bruce collaborated with his friend and songwriting partner Tom Marolda on a unique collection of classic Christmas songs recorded to emulate The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

The Lonely Hearts Band
   St. Nick's Christmas

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Bruce's 1995 release, the critically acclaimed CD, Reality Game, features:"The Answer" and "One Night Of Peace" co-written with Richie Sambora.

bruce stephen foster
               reality game

   to ballerina
   the last painted pony
   part of me now
   for the children of our world
   me & molly
   in love with love
   the answer
   one night of peace
   reality reprise

Due to the many requests from Beatle fans from around the world, Bruce has re-released his hit single "Platinum Heros". For the first time since its initial release in 1977, the song John Lennon approved as the only true Beatles tribute song and the song that was considered to close the hit Broadway show "Beatlemania", can now be yours. Besides the album version, the CD also includes the ultra-rare radio edit version never before available to the public, making this a true Beatle collectable!

This now is now available on Shark Frenzy Volume 1!

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Bruce's first American solo album, After The Show. This CD contains the hit singles, "Platinum Heros" and "Born To Break My Heart".
bruce foster
            after the show

   after the show
   shot down in denver
   platinum heros
Listen! {lyrics}
   maria in the moonlight
   southern belle {lyrics}
   born to break my heart
   casino (baby it's gone)
   i remember (the revolution)
   man with a dragon {lyrics}
   blues for tommorrow

Bruce's songs have appeared on two movie soundtracks.

Look Out For # 1
by Tommy Faragher

Written by Bruce Foster & Tom Marolda (1983) Nominated for a Grammy, Best Song in a Motion Picture.

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Trail of Broken Hearts
by Cher

Written by Richie Sambora/Thomas J. Marolda/Bruce Foster (1990)
Produced by: Richie Sambora

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